Donate your art to TQAF fundraising auction for Zak Kostopoulos


On 21 September 2018, queer activist and drag performer Zak Kostopoulos (alias Zackie Oh) was murdered in a street near Omonoia by the police and civilians. It was a tragic death and a terrible crime that still remains unpunished.

Forensic Architecture has assisted with analysing footage from the incident, and Amnesty International is running a petition demanding justice for Zak's death.

Following Zak's lunching, an avalanche of media cover-ups and attacks on his personality aimed at murdering his character, portraying him as a "junkie" and a "thief". Had he not been a well-known and loved activist, Zak's murder would have passed unnoticed and his killers would have never been charged.

The trial for Zak's death begins on 21 October. This is not just about one victim of a tragic coincidence, but a fight for rights in Greece in general. To fight for justice for Zak is to fight against systemic racism, homophobia and neonazi violence in Greece. However, this is going to be a long and expensive legal procedure, with all costs shouldered by Zak's family.

Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival (TQAF) is organising a fundraising art auction to support Zak's family in their legal battle. Artists are invited to donate artworks for the auction, with a price tag of up to 100 euros. The works will be auctioned via the official crowdfunding campaign for Zak's trial.

If you are interested to donate works or need more info, send an email to The deadline is 04 October.