Sofia Borges at Float Gallery


Float gallery proudly presents the solo show of Sofia Borges: NO MOLD FOR WHITE BUT NO MOLD FOR FIRE. The first exhibition of the artist in Greece, which opened on Thursday, 16 November at 20:00 pm. and will last until Sunday, 24 of December.

“It would seem that mythological worlds have been built up
only to be shattered again,
and that new worlds were built from the fragments.”
Franz Boas

Sofia Borges uses the photographic medium to study philosophical notions and to question the mere act of representation itself. Her extensive field of research includes palaeontology museums, caves and other accidental/spontaneous shrines of archetype archiving.

Disconcertingly unfamiliar and unrelated objects are unified through her strong aesthetic language, and subsequently further intertwined to the body of her work, through collages; always in a seemingly intrinsic manner.

No Mold for White No Mold for Fire is a natural progression of her first cycle of work, the completion of which was marked by the publishing of her book SWAMP by Mack. The introduced element of mythology and its representation is the thread of this new narrative and set of investigations, from which unfolds a dialogue between myth and matter, the material and the metaphysical.

The ‘Absolute’ (2016), a photograph of a brain model, sets the tone of No Mold for White No Mold for Fire; the landscape where Matter is configured into Myth in an orchestrated cyclical dance.


Duration: Thursday, 16 November to Sunday, 24 of December

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