Platforms Project returns to Athens for its ninth edition


Platforms Project, the independent art fair of Athens, is gearing up for its ninth edition. The fair’s 2021 international programme hosts 68 cultural platforms and artist groups from 28 countries, presenting artworks and projects in every kind of visual art, performance, moving image and more.

Due to the restrictive measures imposed for countering the COVID-19 pandemic, Platforms Project will be taking place only online, following the model it successfully adopted last year. Viewers may visit the fair’s official website and browse the contents of the exhibitors’s booths, following a plan of the exhibition hall at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

One of the most engaging and valuable characteristics of Platforms Project is that is offers an opportunity for artists to exhibit their work in an independent and free environment, while at the same time a chance to network with colleagues from every part of the world. The mix of exhibitors is also interesting: grassroots and small artist-run platforms meet established organisations and institutions from Europe, West Asia, Southeast Asia and North America.

The fair will be online through 10 June. A rich parallel programme of talks, screenings and performances will also be available online throughout the fair’s duration. Some highlights to dot in your calendar include the presentation of The First and Last and Always Psiloritis Biennale by curator Stamatis Schizakis on 30 May, the panel on art spaces organised by DAS ESSZIMMER on 02 June, the panel on digital art archives by The Art Newspaper Greece on 04 June. The full programme will be announced on the Platforms Project website when the fair goes live.

Platforms Project will take place from 27 May – 10 June 2021. A preview of this year’s exhibitors can be found here. The fair is taking place under the auspices of AICA Hellas, the Greek chapter of the International Association of Art Critics.

Alexander Voutsas, exhibiting with META-FRASTES (Greece)
Nikolaos Petis, exhibiting with EN FLO (Greece)
Pinar Boztepe, exhibiting with SHELTER ARTISTS RUN SPACE (Turkey)
Maria Stamati, exhibiting with ArtCode (Greece)
D.E.U.S (Greece/Belgium)
DIPOLA (Greece)
Isak Sundström, exhibiting with ID:I Galleri (Sweden)
Ilias Papailiakis, exhibiting with Fragments of truth + LaLa Art Group (Greece)
JuJe (Canada)
Cindy Dumais, exhibiting with AMV (Canada)
Eleni Lyra, exhibiting with K4+1 (Greece)
Sofia Kondyli, exhibiting with METAPOLIS (Greece)
Costas Vittis, exhibiting with ArtCode (Greece)
Alison Whitmore, exhibiting with artplatform elsewhere (The Netherlands)
Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co (United Kingdom)
Romain Rambaud, exhibiting with Bureau d'art et de recherche, Roubaix (France)
Massimo Listri, exhibiting with IFAC Arts (USA)
Ira Spagadorou, exhibiting with Kaktos Project (Greece)
Maxim Ilyukhin, exhibiting with ABC Gallery (Russia)
Iasonas Kampanis, exhibiting with kunsthallekleinbasel (Switzerland)
Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen, exhibiting with m.a.m.a. (Cyprus)
Mnky Bizz Group (USA)
Klitsa Antoniou, exhibiting with Museum of Forgetting / TILT Platform (Sweden/Greece)
Penelope’s webs (Evangelia Basdekis, Beskida Kraja, Margarita Petrova, Dimitra Chanioti) (Greece)
Fiona Mouzakitis, exhibiting with Project 2 (Greece)
Kevin Atmadibata, exhibiting with Sepersepuluh (Indonesia)
Alexis Costeaux, exhibiting with Sans Titre, Tourcoing (France)
Vlasis Kotios, exhibiting with Υ@Oldnursery (Greece)
Anthi Zahou, exhibiting with TIDAL FLOW ART (Greece)

Platforms Project Net 2021
27 May - 10 June 2021

Online event

Text by Kiriakos Spirou
All images courtesy of the organisers

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