Charlotte Nieuwenhuys at Stoa42


Text by Kiriakos Spirou

A series of large-scale paintings by Belgian, Athens-based artist Charlotte Nieuwenhuys are currently on show at Stoa42’s intimate space inside an arcade on Panepistimiou St. in Athens. Created between 2019 and 2021, the paintings veer into an area of sheer minimalist abstraction, in what is perhaps the sparsest work the artist has created so far. According to the press release, the paintings on show all rest upon an internal contrast: that of strict geometrical structures and blocks against the fragility of a sensual palette and the fluidity of oil paint. Indeed, this contrast is present in the works, but in a way that softness and tenderness prevail. Presented as one painting per week throughout the exhibition’s duration (which concludes with a finissage tomorrow), Nieuwenhuys’s paintings are seductive as much as punitive in their restraint. Collage, geometric compositions and a frontal, scenographic approach are elements that are present throughout Niewuenhuys’s work in recent years; these are exemplified in Billions of Miles, only more reassured, resolved and direct.

Artwork by Charlotte Nieuwenhuys. Photo courtesy of Stoa42.
Artwork by Charlotte Nieuwenhuys. Photo courtesy of Stoa42.

Charlotte Nieuwenhuys: Billions of Miles
30 April-16 June 2021

Closing event Wednesday 16 June, 19:00

42 Panepistimiou, 106 79 Athens
+30 6936282123
+39 3208322905

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